Music Memos App

So, I was exercising this morning and had an idea for one of the songs I’m working on.  Coming up with a compelling arrangement has been challenging, since it’s a somewhat complex song, chord-wise.  But, an idea came to me for how to do the transition between the end of the chorus and the next verse.  I quickly wrote some notes on it so I wouldn’t forget, then finished my workout.

Afterwards, I busted out the Music Memos app.  (It’s a free iOS app; not sure if Android has something similar.)  I played a rough take of the idea, did some quick trims on each end, and bam!  A recorded version of the idea is saved for later when I have time open up my DAW and actually try to work it in.  Not sure if there’s a way to directly import the audio into your DAW; I’ll have to give that a try later.

Give Music Memos a shot next time you’re inspired at that inopportune moment.  You know you’ll forget that great idea if you don’t get it down on “paper”!  Rock on!


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